Why You Need to Use Content Marketing for These 3 Audiences

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content-marketing-strategyNot everyone needs a blog nor do they need to develop a ten-page content marketing strategy. But that does not stop all of those dumb ‘internet marketing gurus’ from shouting that you need to use a content marketing strategy, you need to produce videos on YouTube, oh, do not forget Facebook.

Ask the so-called ‘experts’ why you need a blog and they start listing off Cotton Candy Metrics. You know, the metrics that are full of fluff? They list benefits like “brand-awareness” or “Social-Shares” – all of which having nothing to do with producing measurable and direct results on your marketing investment.

I am amazed at the marketers that sell Cotton Candy Metrics. As a small-business owner you do not have money to blow on brand awareness unless it will generate a real return on your investment. Every buck that you spend should result in a dollar or more in your pocket.

Although content marketing is not needed in every industry, there are three situations in which creating and distributing content is a must. If you target an older demographic, charge premium prices, or market to the affluent, then you will want to develop a content marketing strategy.

In this article I am going to explain why you need to have a content marketing strategy for these three situations and how to implement one.

What is Content Marketing

One critical point to make is that content marketing is not limited to the web. In fact, content marketing was around before the web even existed.

In 1895, John Deere created, printed and distributed a magazine called The Furrow. The magazine was different than a catalog. The goal was not to sell John Deere equipment, but educated farmers about new technology and how to become successful farmers.

The magazine was not filled with self-promotional material, but instead was written by journalists and storytellers.

Content marketing is not defined by the web, but its intended purpose. The goal of content marketing is to generate new leads, keep leads warm, keep customers loyal and qualify leads by offering your customers something of value.

John Deere did just that. They sent a magazine full of information that their customers and prospects would care about. This is important to note.

A blog is a tool for fulfilling the goals of content marketing, but can include newsletters, magazines, or a book.

USe Content Marketing to Reach Older Generations

Old age makes us all more cautious – if not wiser. We have years of hurt, pain, and being burned.

Humans will take action to avoid loss over the potential for gain. Losing something has a larger emotional impact than gaining something.

So when it comes to purchasing and money decisions, older generations are much more cautious. There are multiple reasons for this.

First, they might have been taken to the cleaners by someone selling exactly what you sell. For example, older generations tend to get ripped off by all sorts of businesses such as financial planners, accountants, creditors, and ‘charities’.

Second, older generations realize they have a finite income and by the time they are retired, they are living off their life savings. As a result, they place an importance on purchases. They need information to help them make a decision and most importantly they need to know they can trust you.

A business such as financial advisors can go a long way with using content marketing. Producing and distributing content will establish yourself as an authority, drive more leads, and convert more sales.

For a financial advisor target an older demographic, it is wise to move your content marketing efforts offline. You should publish content in newspapers as advertorials or mail newsletters in the mail to current, past, and future customers.

Yes, I am seriously suggesting that you use direct-mail. The content that you send should be something of value. Do not talk all about your services, but offer some helpful tips – perhaps one of those tips can be your services.

Charging Premium Market Prices

The dream. Being able to charge premium market prices and create greater profitability.

Everybody wants to charge higher prices, but very few companies know how to do it successfully. Instead, they engage in price wars, slashing their prices as low as they can go just to get the work. Some businesses will cut their prices so low that they do not even make a profit.

If you want to charge premium prices, then you need to implement a content marketing strategy. For example, assume that you charge double the price of your nearest competitor, but offer the exact same product or service.

A prospect and customer will need to know why you are much higher than your competitor. Are you that much better?

Perhaps not. But when you create and publish content, your perceived authority goes up – allowing you to charge above the market price. At a certain level people are equally skilled, but certain people are making more because they have demonstrated authority.

Selling to Affluent Customers

The affluent can be a difficult market to crack.

They are short on time, so they get conduct most of their business through peer referrals. But the hard part is getting in. Once you are in, your name will spread like wildfire.

Producing content will give you authority and show your customers that you are not another fly-by-night company. The affluent do not want someone who will disappear on them tomorrow, but is trustworthy and reliable.

They look for referrals and signs of authority. Is making a purchasing decision based on the fact that you publish content logical?

Absolutely not, but we do this all day long. We look for signs that something would be worth our time. If you stumble on a blog and see that they only have 500 subscribers what will you most likely do? Probably leave.

If you want to market to the affluent, then you need to establish authority through content marketing.


Content marketing will help you increase your sales and drive more leads by establishing trust and authority for you and your business. Content marketing is a must when it comes to selling to the affluent, charging premium prices, and selling to older generations.

If you are ready to improve your business and finally get results for your marketing efforts… then you can by downloading my free guide to build a content marketing strategy that works.

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